While the world of online marketing has expanded far beyond paid advertising, advertising still plays a very important role in generating revenue and business. Digital advertising is the top of the “new advertising stack,” and it’s what can create brand awareness, drive sales, and create visibility across a variety of channels that are oversaturated with businesses trying to stand out.

Although there are many new players in the online marketing landscape like email, social media, and reputation, digital advertising isn’t set to slow down yet—a statement that’s underlined by the fact that ad spend is set to grow to over $129 billion by 2021 (DMA Adobe).

We’ve compiled this list of top advertising stats so you can spend your advertising dollars where it matters, and get the ROI you need to thrive in the digital world.

Statistics about Digital Advertising

  1. Digital ad spend is set to grow from $83 billion this year to $129+ billion by 2021
  2. Google has +20% y/y advertising revenue growth, Facebook has +62% y/y growth
  1. Marketers that invest over 10% of their budgets on measurement are three times more likely to beat their sales targets by 25% or more
  2. 56% of advertising use engagement to measure success, 21% use conversion & revenue
  3. 34% of social media marketers list “tying social campaigns to business goals” as a top challenge

Video Advertising Statistics

  1. 2017’s video advertising spend is $13.23 billion, and projected to reach $22.18 billion by 2021
  2. 68% of consumers feel positive about watching video ads for mobile app rewards
  3. 52% of marketers believe that video is effective for brand awareness
  1. Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers
  2. 46% of users act after viewing an ad
  1. According to retailers, video can account for a 40% increase in purchases
  2. Mobile shoppers are 3x as likely to watch a video than desktop shoppers
  3. 80% of consumers remember a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days
  4. Combining video with full-page ads boosts engagement by 22 percent
  1. Ecommerce sellers find that using product videos increases product purchases by 144%

Mobile Advertising Statistics

  1. Americans spend 71% of their online time on mobile, with Canada and the UK coming in at 62% and 61% respectively. Statistics percentages may be different for 2020.
  2. Mobile accounts for 60% of click share on Google Search ads, compared to desktop’s 32%
  3. 81% of consumers feel negative about mobile add pop-ups

Social Media Advertising Statistics

  1. 70% of advertisers plan to increase their mobile social advertising budget in 2017
  2. 6% of Facebook Users that click ads make a purchase
  1. Images account for 75-90% of Facebook advertising effectivity/performance
  2. The best headline length for a Facebook ad is four words, with 15 for the description.

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