Drive phone calls for your business!
Simplified advertising for your local business.
Automated for efficiency. Optimized for performance.

What is Local-Ads?

Local-Ads is an objective-based, omnichannel digital marketing strategy focused on reaching the same specifically-defined, addressable audience across multiple platforms on multiple devices.

  • Premium advertising technology
  • Highly-sophisticated targeting
  • Objective FIRST campaign focus
  • Multiple platforms
  • Live reports
  • Great ROI

The Local-Ads Call: Advertising Package
Will get you the calls from people who need your business the most!

Ideal for service-oriented businesses

Our call-focused approach to local advertising will generate calls for your business. Whether they are watching tv, reading the news, or browsing the internet, we can get your brand in front of your ideal customers. With advanced geo-targeting and audience identification, we can advertise to customers who frequent certain locations or live within your service area! We also use other advanced characteristics and attributes to identify your most valuable prospects. Your images or videos can display on the platforms, devices, and websites your prospective customers frequent.

Package includes:

  • Call-focused display/video campaign buildout and management
  • Paid search account build out and monitoring
  • Paid social account build out and management
  • Unique landing page optimized for calls

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Main Objective: Phone Calls

The Local Ads solution allows for advertisers to promote a specific call tracking phone number that will record and transcribe business calls related to their advertising campaign. Local Ad’s unique technology offers call recording (for advertiser review) as well as call redaction, which uses AI to remove any private or sensitive information. Local Ads Phone Call campaigns deliver advertising through display ads, video ad networks (when video is provided), and paid search.

  • Includes a call tracking number
  • Listen to customer phone calls
  • Calls are redacted to insure sensitive information is never recorded
  • Call details such as phone number and caller ID are available in reporting
  • There is no additional cost based off of call volume
  • Call recordings are HIPAA compliant

Get your phones ringing with valuable leads with our call-focused local ads.

Local-Ads is Advertising Simplified

  • Local-Ads focuses on real, tangible business outcomes, not vanity metrics.
  • Local-Ads speaks to a single, addressable audience across multiple platforms. Audience is defined by data, online and physical behaviors and is not restricted by limitations of any one particular platform.
  • Local-Ads delivers messages WHEREVER and WHENEVER the audience is active online, tracks both ONLINE and OFFLINE outcomes, and then optimizes based on highest areas of success.
  • The goal of Local-Ads is to find more quality leads or outcomes vs a higher quantity of lower quality leads or outcomes.


How long does it take to start seeing results?

This will vary depending on the business category, geography, and market competition. Typically you will start to see results within a couple of weeks as your target audience is influenced to the desired result. Over time, not only will the volume of results increase but so will the quality of the results. You can also make periodic adjustments to your campaign.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results can vary based on many factors. See the “Above image for an actual screenshot of performance report”. Also, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation session and we will be more than happy to show you more results.

Can I provide my own ad creatives?

This option is only available for LocalAds custom solutions.

Can I choose more than one objective for a campaign?

No. Campaigns are audience-focused and you can only speak to one audience per objective, thus one objective per campaign and one campaign per order. Campaigns will be optimized for the objective but they will report on all activities.

How long does it take for my campaign to go live?

After submitting your order, your campaign will be live within 5 business days provided the form was completed correctly and the team doesn’t have to follow up for additional information.

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Drive foot traffic to your business! Simplified advertising for your local business. Automated for efficiency. Optimized for performance. What is Local-Ads?…

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