Harness the power of digital advertising on search engines, social media, and YouTube.

Digital advertising is one of the best ways for a small business to attract more customers and retain the ones they have. More than 60% of website traffic starts with a search engine query. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) puts your brand at the top of search results for queries relevant to your brand and audience. This valuable advertising real estate can provide an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth.

Attract more customers and retain the ones you have

Build awareness of your business

Get a team of digital advertising specialists on your side

It’s more than just impressions & clicks—it’s real customers.

At InfoMedia Insights™, we have extensive experience leveraging PPC to drive growth for our clients. Our approach to PPC is data-driven, which allows us to deploy campaigns that focus on efficiency and constant improvement.

Digital Advertising: Why you need it

Whether your goal is to increase website traffic, drive more conversions, or succeed on social media platforms—our team of digital advertising strategists can help you get noticed by your target audience!

Management Services Offered

Our PPC management program covers the following ad platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Advertising
  • Youtube Advertsing
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
    (across search engines and social platforms)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
social ads manage services

Insights to Know

Social Ads

Social media advertising is very cost-effective because advertisers have a wide variety of targeting options at their disposal. You can build your target audience based on demographics, interests, location, relationship status, education, household income, and life events. 

Advertising on social media is also a great way to get customer feedback because they can express how they feel about your products and services. Customers want to be heard, so use that in your favor with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Talk to one of our digital marketing experts about your advertising strategy or project needs.

What’s Included in Monthly Management?

Our PPC management services include the following tasks as part of monthly management:

  • Landing Page Performance Review
  • Cost and Performance Analysis
  • Check In Calls/Meetings
  • Ad Copy Optimization and Testing
  • Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments
  • Geo-targeting Improvements
  • Keyword Management
  • Monthly Campaign Performance Report
Advertising Insights Tool Demo Image

Insights to Know

Search Ads

With search ads, you’ll have a highly engaged target audience. Our team of digital advertising strategists will carefully choose relevant keywords for your ads to make sure we only target people actively searching for your products or services.

Targeting potential customers who are already searching for businesses like yours will improve your ROI. Even when people don’t click on your ad, you still give your business more visibility by promoting it on search engines like Google and Bing.

Our Approach to PPC Management

#1. You Own the Account

Your PPC account is an asset. You paid for it to be built and optimized, and you should own it, regardless of who your PPC management agency is.

#2. Target only the best opportunities

Advertising to everyone is expensive and inefficient. Instead, we use cutting-edge technologies to promote your business to a hyper-targeted audience, including people nearby, past customers, and more—without
compromising consumer privacy along the way.

#3. Focus on revenue

Don’t get sidetracked with impressions and clicks—you want real customers spending real dollars. Our monthly reports clarify how much revenue you’ve generated based on your average customer value.

#4. No Long-Term Contracts

Our PPC contracts are month-to-month with a 30-day cancellation notice. We believe that the best way to keep a client is to do an excellent job rather than lock them into a long-term contract.

#5. No Autopilot

We manually manage campaigns on a daily and/or weekly basis. This ensures that our PPC managers are constantly monitoring account performance and making quick improvements.

#6. Fully Managed Services

Our experienced advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, including creating campaigns, designing graphics, targeting the right people, reviewing data to optimize over time, and generating revenue reports so you know it’s working. 

Insights to Know

YouTube Ads

YouTube is one of the top providers of media in the world! Take advantage of that tremendous reach
with YouTube advertising and get your business the exposure you need to thrive in your competitive
markets. Our team will make sure you’re targeting the right audience for your business.

Why choose Youtube?

YouTube is both a search engine and a social media platform. You can target potential customers who are either ready to buy or willing to interact with your brand.

Targeting options

We can deliver ads to consumers based on specific demographics, interests, searched keywords, or even Youtube channels that your audience likes to watch.

Setup Process

Step 1: The Client Questionnaires

The first step of onboarding any new PPC account starts with requesting the client fill out questionnaires, not only about PPC, but about their target buyers, and their competition. 

Step 2: Audit of Current Account

Our first step is to always assess and evaluate the current condition of the PPC account we’re taking over. This audit helps us identify missing opportunities, as well as points out potential red flags. 

Step 3: Kickoff Meeting

Every new client is given a kickoff meeting with the entire team to go over our timeline and walk them through each step of the setup process. This meeting is also used for discovery, as we go over completed questionnaires.

Step 4: Keyword Research

If we’re running a search campaign, our next step is to perform keyword research (based on any missing opportunities found in the audit). We break our proposed new keyword list down into groups and submit it back to the client for approval before inputting keywords into the account.

Step 5: Account Setup or Restructuring

This step includes optimizing all the various account settings, such as Campaign setup, Ad Group setup, Ad Copywriting & Testing setup, Match Type setup, Extensions setup, Bids setup, Goal Tracking setup, Call Tracking, Ad Design, Negative Keywords setup, and Audience/In Market Targeting setup.

Step 6: Ad Writing

Writing PPC ads is a balance of art and science. The ads need to be persuasive, yet informative, yet direct, all within very tight character limits. Fortunately, InfoMedia Insights employs a team of experienced copywriters who have been creating PPC ads for years. We also test ad copy on a regular basis to see what works best, so we have a wealth of data to draw from.

Step 7: Ad Design

If we’re running display campaigns, our ads are designed to be enticing and eye-catching, while still representing our clients’ brand.

Step 8: Landing Page Setup

The ads are only one part of the equation. To have meaningful PPC success, the ads must direct users to a conversion-oriented landing page. InfoMedia Insights will assist in writing, designing, and developing best practices landing pages for your campaigns.

Step 9: Report Creation

InfoMedia Insights gives access to an advance reporting tool to each client. Advertising Insights provides a real advertising ROI for your business. Smart comparison tools help you uncover key insights, pinpoint what’s really making you money, and see the big picture of your advertising efforts.

Step 10: Weekly Calls/Meetings Scheduled

It’s critical that we’re constantly communicating with our clients about the status of their PPC campaigns. Therefore, we schedule weekly (or monthly) calls/meetings to provide status updates.

Your Investment (Pricing)

InfoMedia Insights’s pricing for PPC management services is pretty straightforward. We charge a one-time account setup cost which varies depending on the status of the account we’re onboarding, plus a monthly management fee as a percentage of spend.

Sample One-Time Account Setup

Discovery: kickoff-meeting, strategy, budgeting, account review/setupFree
Keyword research & grouping or audience & demographic researchFree
Campaign setup$350
Landing page design and content update$200

Monthly Management Fee Structuture

The spend level is based on a per-channel/network spend (unless otherwise noted).

This is our suggested pricing model. If your business requires a different structure, custom quotes can be provided upon request. 

< $500 $300 minimum
$500 – $99920%
$1,000 – $2,99917.5%
$3,000 – $9,99915%
$10,000 – $19,99912%
$20,000 – $49,99910%

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for these campaigns?

All campaigns are billed for Month 1 at the time of order, and will automatically renew monthly ongoing on the anniversary date of the order.

January 1st – Campaign is ordered. You are charged a one-time setup fee and the ad spend for the first month.
January 9th – Campaign is launched.
February 1st – You are charged for the second month of the campaign.

Campaigns will aim to spend the full amount for the month once the campaign launches. However, any unused spend will be rolled over to the next month.

How are campaigns optimized?

Automated bidding, built-in budget management, and smart optimizations allow for campaigns to be edited and optimized as they progress, making the most of your ad spend within the platform. Campaigns will be optimized according to their goals, budget, and platform needs.

What are audience segments and how many can my client have?

An audience segment narrows the target audience into subgroups to deliver more tailored messaging. They can be based on geographic location, gender identity, income, and more.

Depending on the ad spend tier, you can get 4-6 audience segments.

The highest tier level receives a custom number of segments depending on the product/service and platform chosen.

How is reporting delivered?

Reporting will be shared via Advertising Insights Tool, a live link accessible through our platform (Superavit Business App). Advertising Insights will be connected to your campaigns 1-5 business days post-campaign launch.

What is the cancellation or refund policy?

You may request to cancel a campaign at any point during the monthly cycle.

When that request is made, the digital ads team will spend the remainder of the ads dollars for that cycle, and they will not run the campaign the following month.

What is the one-time setup fee and what is included in the charge?

The setup fee is the one-time cost of creating and launching the campaign. It includes the following:
-Ad proofing
-Tracking code setup & verification
-Creative creation (when required)
-Audience research (keyword and competitor)
-Campaign audit & launch

What is the management fee and why am I charged a management fee for my campaign?

The management fee is a percentage of the monthly ad spend. This fee ensures our team can optimize, analyze, and report on the campaign each month.

Are you ready to chat with one of our experts? We can’t wait to talk to you about your advertising campaign needs.

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